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We would love to tell you a little about us. Take a moment to scroll through and learn about what has become the phenomenon that is taking over the southeast.

We Are Touching Lives

The Foodees Food and Culture Festival has become the number one touring food truck festival in the southeast, and maybe the world! The key to our success is that we reach people and bring them together. We are touching lives, one meal at a time.

1,000,000 Lives Touched

Five States

100,000+ Web Reach

12,000+ Followers

120,000 Email Subs

1.8 Million Social Reach

Foodees Is More Than A Logo, We Are People Who Unite...

They say a good company is built on the backs of good people. The Foodees team is not only a group of good people, but we are a group with a singular mission: to bring people together through food!

Meet The Team


Foodees was developed with the goal of rebuilding the bridges of community. We believe that we are one people, no matter the color of our skin, the place we worship, or who we vote for. We are dedicated to breaking the back of the things that separate us. We like to think of the Food and Culture Festival as a massive community cook-out.

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